Fox News host calls it 'great' news as OPEC raises gas prices: 'It's in their economic interest'
Fox News/screen grab

The hosts of Fox & Friends spent nearly six minutes defending OPEC for raising gas prices by cutting oil production by 2 million barrels per day.

"Is it just me — and don't feel compelled to agree — I just find there's a blizzard of great intriguing stories this week," Fox News host Brian Kilmeade announced at the start of his show.

"What's your favorite?" co-host Steve Doocy wondered.

"Probably the first one," Kilmeade smiled, referring to the cut in OPEC production.

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"It's all political," Doocy asserted. "Because if Saudi Arabia were to cut production by two million barrels a day, that's going to jack up the cost of your oil."

According to the host, President Joe Biden doesn't want to talk about "how energy prices are killing you."

"They were trying to put their finger on the scale, trying to force Saudi Arabia, 'Unless you help us out and bail out the Democrats, uh, there's going to be hell to pay,'" Doocy said.

Kilmeade noted that Biden enjoyed a brief uptick in polls as gas prices dropped.

"Saudi Arabia says I don't make all the decisions," Kilmeade continued. "It's OPEC+ who is all of us together, sitting around, we had this meeting and the whole group decided as a conglomerate to raise prices."

"It was in their economic interest," he added.

"Ultimately, Saudi Arabia was relying on their analysts who thought that the price of oil was going to go down," Doocy explained. "And they didn't want the price to go down because they want as much money as possible."

Watch the video below or at this link.