Here's the cynical reason why Fox News 'changed its tune' on COVID-19 vaccinations
Sean Hannity on Fox News (Screen capture)

During a CNN segment on Americans who are refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 at a time when cases are exploding due to a new variant, the network's media expert was asked about rival Fox News which has done an about-face and is imploring viewers to get the shots.

Speaking with hosts Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez, CNN host Brian Stelter explained why the conservative media outlet has suddenly "changed its tune" and has been running public service announcements about vaccinations.

"Brian, in recent days it's been really surprising to watch Fox News," Sanchez began. "For months they peddled lies about COVID and in the last few days they changed their tune about the vaccine. What do you think that has to do with? Is it a fear of lawsuits or maybe trying to fix some of the insecurities we saw in financial markets earlier in the week before they rebounded? Why?"

"There has been a lot of speculation about the root causes of this," Stelter replied. "My reporting indicates there was a real concern about the delta variant, especially affecting Republican strongholds. The numbers do not lie, even though some people want them to."

"So, as a result, you saw Fox News for the first time in weeks, actually months, promoting, urging viewers to go there and get information about shots," he added before warning, "But I want to be clear here. I think there was a slight change in tune. I don't think that this network -- that Fox deserves much credit on this. There are lots of irresponsible segments on the air about COVID and the vaccines. It seems like there has been this concerted effort, even if it was subtle and short-lived, among political leaders and television right-wing leaders in order to change messaging about the shots."

Watch below:

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