Under fire, Ginni Thomas 'Frontliners' Facebook group faces calls for investigation
Gage Skimore

On Friday, CNBC reported that a Facebook group led by right-wing activist and Supreme Court spouse Ginni Thomas could face investigation by the House Select Committee on January 6, after revelations that the group sought to partner with pro-Trump attorney John Eastman.

"Congressional investigators said they planned to ask Ginni Thomas to testify before the committee hours after Trump attorney John Eastman on Thursday publicly posted a Dec. 4, 2020 email from Thomas asking him to speak to a gathering she called 'Frontliners,' which she described as featuring 'grassroots state leaders,'" reported Brian Schwartz. "Ginni Thomas is listed as an administrator of a Facebook group that goes by a similar name and description: 'FrontLiners for Liberty.'"

"The private group, which listed more than 50 members, was created in August 2020, just two months before the November elections, according to the page’s description," said the report. "The group, which CNBC reviewed before it was removed from public view, described itself as 'a new collaborative, liberty-focused, action-oriented group of state leaders representing grassroots armies to CONNECT, INFORM and ACTIVATE each other weekly to preserve constitutional governance.' Although Thomas’ personal Facebook page isn’t verified, it contained numerous photos of Justice Thomas."

According to the report, the Facebook group was taken out of public view as soon as CNBC inquired with Thomas about it.

This comes after recent reports that the committee had obtained email correspondences between Thomas and Eastman, and that Thomas also contacted at least 29 Arizona state legislators asking for their help to overturn Joe Biden's win in the state.

Eastman was the architect of a scheme, broadly considered to be illegal, that called on former Vice President Mike Pence to declare Trump the winner of the election by voiding electors from certain states Biden carried. Experts believe new revelations he knew his plans were illegal as he attempted them could put him in criminal jeopardy.