John Eastman is in 'deep doo-doo' and a 'prime target' for cooperation in case against Trump: CNN legal analyst
John Eastman (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Attorney Daniel Goldman told CNN on Friday that he thinks pro-Trump lawyer John Eastman really ought to think about getting a good criminal defense attorney.

In breaking down Thursday's House Select Committee hearing, Goldman said that Eastman faces significant criminal exposure after hearing other Trump administration lawyers say that he admitted to them that his scheme to get Vice President Mike Pence to throw out certified electoral votes was illegal.

"If John Eastman does have legal jeopardy, John Eastman is a prime target for cooperation against Donald Trump," he said. "Because if you would, as a prosecutor, you would look at John Eastman and you would approach him and say, 'You're in deep doo-doo, buddy, do you want to get prosecuted or do you want to cooperate?'"

Goldman then pointed to a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge David Carter from earlier this year that argued it's more likely than not that Eastman and Trump committed crimes in their efforts to hold onto power.

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He also pointed to revelations that Eastman sought a preemptive pardon from Trump just three days after the January 6th Capitol riots, which he argued showed some consciousness of guilt.

"I absolutely think Eastman has criminal jeopardy," he said. "It will be very interesting to see if the Department of Justice starts to turn the screws on him to see if he will flip on Donald Trump."

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John Eastman is in 'deep doo-doo' and a 'prime target' for cooperation in case against Trump