Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate tells supporters 'do not depend on your doctor' to stay healthy
Garrett Soldano

On Monday, progressive talk radio station WCPT 820 AM's Heartland Signal posted audio of Garrett Soldano, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, telling supporters at a campaign event that it would be "fine" for kids to get COVID-19 — and that people should not "depend" on their doctor.

"I am unvaccinated, I have natural immunity," said Soldano, who runs a chiropractic business. "COVID's a cold. It is, it's a coronavirus, that's a cold. You know how it is, it knocked me out, my wife lost her sense of smell and taste, I was out for ten days ... it's funny, you can't talk about your immune system. If God wanted you to have a covering over your face, he would have built you with one. He gave you something even more magical, it's called the immune system."

He went on to add that "it'd be fine" if kids get the virus, and that while the disease "has teeth" if you have other health conditions like obesity, it's no big deal if you live a healthy lifestyle: "Do not depend on your doctor for help. It's your responsibility to be healthy."

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(In fact, there have been plenty of cases of young, healthy people dying from COVID-19, even if it is less common than in people with comorbidities.)

Soldano previously attracted national controversy for claiming that rape survivors should not get abortions because "God put them in this moment" to have a baby.

Listen here: