Gay California senator gets bomb threat calling him a 'groomer'

California Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener announced in a press release Tuesday that he received threats at his San Francisco home, KRON4 reports.

“Early this morning, I was informed by the San Francisco Standard and the police that someone had issued a bomb threat against me, listing my specific home address and also threatening to shoot up my Capitol office,” Wiener stated. “The email said ‘we will f—— kill you’ and called me a pedophile and groomer.”

Officers who arrived on the scene did not find any explosives. Wiener was a target of a bomb threat earlier this year. In a separate incident, a man was found guilty for threatening to kill him.

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As KRON4 points out, Wiener, who is gay and Jewish, has been repeatedly targeted with homophobic and antisemitic statements on social media.

“This latest wave of death threats against me relates to my work to end discrimination against LGBTQ people in the criminal justice system and my work to ensure the safety of transgender children and their families,” Wiener stated. “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and MAGA activist Charlie Kirk recently tweeted homophobic lies about me, falsely accusing me of supporting pedophiles and child ‘mutilation.'”