Ex-GOP campaign assistant charged with kidnapping and sexual battery

A former assistant to a Florida Republican congressional candidate was arrested on kidnapping, sexual battery and other charges.

George Alexander Diaz Menges, of Gainesville, was taken into custody Saturday by Alachua County sheriff's deputies after the alleged victim accused him of sexual assault in an incident about three months ago, reported The Gainesville Sun.

The 30-year-old Menges was charged with four counts of sexual battery, two counts of aggravated battery, eight counts of battery and a charge of committing or facilitating a kidnapping.

Menges and Manuel Asensio, who ran for Congress in this year's GOP primary, were both caught on camera in a heated argument in September at a Gainesville coffee shop, where the former candidate refused to pay his assistant for allegedly not following orders.

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Asensio threatened to knock out a coffee shop employee in the video, and a few days later he told the newspaper he had fired Menges for being a radical extremist, shortly after dropping out of the race on the eve of the GOP primary.

He then accused his opponents of illegally conspiring against him.

Menges remains jailed on $1.5 million bond.