'Truth does not matter' to Trump's 'scrambled eggs' brain: George Conway
Former President Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Conservative attorney George Conway on Monday addressed the question of whether former President Donald Trump really believes the false claims he's peddled about the 2020 presidential election.

While discussing Monday's January 6 Committee hearings on CNN, Conway said that he doubted that Trump really believed everything he's said about voter fraud costing him the 2020 election, but on another level, it simply doesn't matter.

"I think deep down he knows it's a lie, but some level, truth does not matter to him," he said. "His mind is this scrambled eggs of truth, lies, desires, and just saying things that he wants to be true or wants people to believe. I don't think in his mind he makes a moral distinction between lies and truth. It's just whatever comes out of his mouth is whatever to his advantage at time."

However, Conway said that this could come back to haunt Trump in a criminal case, as the fact that he ignored the advice of "credible" people working for him could provide evidence of his "state of mind and his criminal intent of him to commit fraud."

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'Truth does not matter' to Trump's 'scrambled eggs' brain: George Conway www.youtube.com

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