A Florida man was caught on video hurling the N-word – he turned out to be the town's fire chief

The fire chief of St. George Island, Florida, has been suspended from his position after he was caught on video yelling a racial slur towards a Black beach goer, WTXL reports.

The video shows Kevin Delahanty yelling at Kylon Wishom.

Wishom says the incident happened Saturday night when he was picking up his son and nephew from the basketball court and he encountered Delahanty at a four way stop. He says Delahanty waved for him to go first, but noticed that Delahanty began to turn down every street Wishom did, prompting him to eventually pull over.

"Initially, he said, 'Do you know where you are?' And then he uses different verbiage, 'Do you know where the F you are?' And I put the window down. I said, 'Excuse me,' he said, 'You have to have respect for this island boy, you have to have respect for this island.' So after he said that I rolled the window back up."

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In video, Delahanty asks Wishom if he needs help, before pulling off and shouting a racial slur -- all while Wishom's son was sitting in the back seat.

"My mindset was he's gonna watch the way I respond. There's power in the way you respond. So in that moment, I was like you know what if I respond the wrong way, it could go here. If I get out of my car, I could lose my life, so in that moment, it was teachable moment," he said.

In a statement, the St. George Island Volunteer Fire Department Board attorney Barbara Sanders said that the Board of the St. George Island Volunteer Fire Department "apologizes for the recent incident between one of our visitors and the Fire Chief of the Department."

"The behavior reported is not representative of our organization or the values of our community. After a special Board meeting, the Board immediately suspended Mr. Delahanty from all duties," the statement continued. "Mr. Delahanty will undergo counseling for anger management and will also attend diversity training as directed by the Board. The Board is extremely sorry for the actions of the Fire Chief and will extend a personal apology to Mr. Kylon Wishom."

St. George Island Fire Chief suspended, caught on video using racial slur www.youtube.com

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