'Is this a parody?' George Santos mocked as he accuses Biden of 'gaslighting'
George Santos (Photo by Olivier Douliery for AFP)

Scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos (R-NY) derided President Joe Biden's State of the Union Address as "gaslighting" Tuesday – and was promptly ridiculed on social media.

Santos, who reportedly arrived at the address early in a fruitless effort to get Biden's handshake, posted to Twitter "SOTU category is: GASLIGHTING!", referencing the common term for the phenomenon of a liar trying to manipulate people who don't believe them question their own sanity.

Santos — who has faced a mounting avalanche of scandals including the revelation he lied about almost every aspect of his life and is the focus of multiple investigations over his shady campaign finance practices – even allegedly trying to rip off a dying service dog's GoFundMe — was deluged in mockery.

"If anyone knows Gaslighting, it's George Santos!" wrote actor Billy Baldwin.

"Is this a parody account?" asked musician Justin Trawick. "Bro, just come clean already: you’re an Andy Kaufman project from beyond the grave. Nothing else makes sense!" wrote New York state Sen. Gustavo Rivera.

Rank and file users also went after Santos.

"The definition of gaslighting is George Santos accusing someone of gaslighting," wrote one user. Another mocked Santos' constant fabrication of his own CV, writing, "Thank you for fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg to preserve this Union. We’re indebted to your sacrifice to our country. Godspeed."

Yet another simply linked to CNN's Melanie Zanona reporting that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) told Santos "you don't belong here" in conversation ahead of the president's arrival.