George Santos has perpetrated 'the biggest case of voter fraud' on his district: Strategist
George Santos (Photo by Wade Vandervort for AFP)

On CNN Thursday, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona tore into scandal-plagued Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY), calling his lies ahead of the election tantamount to "voter fraud" perpetrated on the electorate.

This comes amid revelations that Santos has lied about everything from his alma mater, to where he worked, to his parents being Holocaust refugees — and as a local district attorney has opened a criminal investigation into him.

"I think there's something here that we're all missing," said Cardona. "And that is, what actually George Santos has done. And the outrage that has to be there from the media, from elected officials, from Democrats, I'm glad we're seeing it from some Republican officials, at least at the local level. Clearly not yet on the national level, we know why. But that should be infuriating in and of itself, because this guy, George Santos, if that even is his name, has perpetrated the biggest case of voter fraud, on his constituents, in his district."

That, she continued, "should enrage every single person who voted for him."

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"There's no law, but maybe there should be a law," said Cardona. "If people are not going to police themselves in terms of what being an elected official means, there should be a law that you cannot lie egregiously. He talks about embellishments, embellishments were, maybe I was not at the top of my class, but I graduated from this university, that's an embellishment? What he said and what he continues to say are outright lies."

"He was entrusted with an elected position," Cardona added. "That is a position of public trust. And this guy, if he even is a guy, has completely broken that public trust."

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Maria Cardona says George Santos has perpetrated "voter fraud"