Stafanik and george santos
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Now that Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has settled into the House despite the cloud of investigations that grows darker each day, his House office is still engaged in staffing up which, in turn, has become an object of fascination for House aides who work for other lawmakers and who believe that a Santos job is a bad career move.

According to a report from the Washington Post, the controversial lawmaker who lied his way to a midterm win has filled key positions, but there is no telling how long they will be employed should one of the investigations bear fruit and lead to his ouster from the House.

As the WaPo's Joe Flynn and Meaghan Heim wrote, "Taking a job for Santos could prove dicey for staffers. In conversations with more than a dozen former and current Republican and Democratic lawmakers and staff members, many wondered if those who go to work for Santos, particularly higher-level staffers, would ever be able to find another congressional office that would hire them."

Adding that "It’s hard enough to get offices up and running in normal circumstances, but Santos is under intense media scrutiny," the report continued, "For staffers who have opted to work for Santos, a future on Capitol Hill could prove difficult to negotiate," said George McElwee, who served as chief of staff for former GOP congressman Charlie Dent from Pennsylvania and was also president of the House Chiefs of Staff Association.

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Speaking with the Post, McElwee suggested those who have been hired are probably painfully aware about what the future might bring and are likely looking to make a move if a job presents itself.

“Particularly for staff in those senior roles, people are going to wonder why they’re there. Why are they continuing on?” he explained “And it’s probably going to hurt them at some point in their job prospects.”

He added, "A lot of the folks in his office probably have an eye to the door and they’re trying to find the route to get out. They know it’s not a stable environment for them in their political future.”

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