Jimmy Kimmel's George Santos parody features congressman as a cyborg looking to kill Sarah Connor

"Veep" actor Nelson Franklin did a quick "campaign ad" for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel pretending to be Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

The spot-on portrayal of the embattled Republican Congressman describes himself as "a child of a mother who was Jewish and a father who was a velociraptor."

He revealed the tragic tale of a child living in a home repossessed by the demon Pazuzu.

"It was very traumatic," the fake Santos says.

In a photoshopped cover of "The Exorcist," the fake Santos explains that the movie was really about him.

He recalls growing up in a "basement apartment, watching cartoons and eating peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches." His photo of the memory features twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as children he called "my two sisters." He explained they solved crimes together.

"When I was 11, a giant came to me and told me I was a wizard," he continues, showing his head photoshopped on Harry Potter. "Potronus Santosis! As your congressman, I'll continue to fight for justice and equality and for the UFC, where I'm currently a 7-time world champion."

"George Santos, for a better tomorrow today, tomorrow."

But it was the disclaimer at the end that led people to crack up: "I'm George Santos, and I'm a cyborg sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor."

See the commercial in the video below or at the link here: