George Santos' lies 'merit impeachment': Right-wing editorial board
Gregory Santos (Photo by Wadfe Vandervort for AFP

The right-wing editorial board of the Las Vegas Review-Journal seems to have had enough of scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who on Tuesday announced he would step down from his committee assignments.

In an editorial published this week, the Review-Journal argued that Santos' serial falsehoods set a new standard for lying, even by the low standards of American politics.

"Rep. Santos is national news because he seems to be allergic to the truth in a way that makes even veteran politicians blush," the editors explained.

They then went through Santos' litany of fabrications, ranging from his academic achievements, his work history, and his family history.

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The paper then expressed sympathy with House Republicans who fear further narrowing their already slim majority, but they argued that keeping Santos in the fold would be bad politics and urged the GOP to give him a shove out the door.

"Rep. Santos’s alternative reality extends well beyond typical political embellishment," they conclude. "Congress may not have many standards when it comes to honesty, but it should have some. Expulsion or impeachment are exceedingly rare. But Speaker Kevin McCarthy should make clear they are on the table if Rep. Santos refuses to resign."