'Major announcement' about 'disgraced' George Santos teased by Nassau County GOP
Gregory Santos (Photo by Wadfe Vandervort for AFP

UPDATE: New York Republican leaders to call on George Santos to resign

Scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos (R-NY) may be about to get hit with more bad news this week.

In a new press release flagged by Semafor reporter Kadia Golba, the Nassau Country Republican Party said it plans to make a "major announcement" regarding Santos, whom the party described as "disgraced."

The announcement will be made by Nassau County GOP Committee Chairman Joseph Cairo and "dozens of Nassau GOP elected officials," who vow that they will "deliver the strongest statement yet regarding the Nassau GOP's position on Santos."

The trouble for Santos began after the New York Times reported last year that multiple details about his purported life story were fabricated, including his work and academic histories.

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Since then, subsequent reports have shown that Santos even lied about having Jewish grandparents who were Holocaust survivors, while other reports have called into question whether he illegally funneled money to his campaign through a limited liability corporation of which he is the sole owner.

Despite all this, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has remained silent on Santos' status within the conference and has given no indication that he believes Santos should resign from his position.