'Alarmed' staffers warned George Santos against campaign after a background check on him: NYT
George Santos, R-N.Y., at a conference in Las Vegas last month. (Wade Vandervort/AFP)

Staffers for George Santos became "alarmed" upon running a background check on him ahead of his 2022 campaign for Congress, and some even resigned rather than work for him when he refused to own up to what they had found, reported The New York Times on Friday.

This comes amid a blizzard of other revelations against Santos, who was elected to a Biden-supporting district on Long Island in New York, and was subsequently revealed to have fabricated almost his entire life story and possibly concealed shady campaign finance.

"In late 2021, as he prepared to make a second run for a suburban New York City House seat, George Santos gave permission for his campaign to commission a routine background study on him," reported Nicholas Fandos. "Campaigns frequently rely on this kind of research, known as vulnerability studies, to identify anything problematic that an opponent might seize on. But when the report came back on Mr. Santos, the findings by a Washington research firm were far more startling, suggesting a pattern of deception that cut to the heart of the image he had cultivated as a wealthy financier."

"Some of Mr. Santos’s own vendors were so alarmed after seeing the study in late November 2021 that they urged him to drop out of the race, and warned that he could risk public humiliation by continuing," the report continued. "When Mr. Santos disputed key findings and vowed to continue running, members of the campaign team quit, according to three of the four people The New York Times spoke to with knowledge of the study."

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Among the numerous lies exposed after his election to Congress are that he attended Baruch College, that he worked for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, that he is the Jewish son of Holocaust refugees, and that he ran a charity to rescue dogs and cats — none of which is true.

This also comes amid new reporting tonight that Santos also concealed the extent of his knowledge about fraud accusations about a company he was part of that the Securities and Exchange Commission is alleging as being a Ponzi scheme.