Georgia judge orders 11 fake Trump electors to comply with Atlanta DA's subpoena: report
Judge with Gavel (Shutterstock)

On Thursday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a judge in Georgia is ordering 11 of the 16 fake Trump electors to comply with subpoenas for testimony issued by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

"Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney indicated that those witnesses could still assert their Fifth Amendment rights not to incriminate themselves, but that they couldn’t skip appearances before the grand jury next week," reported Tamar Hallerman. "'It may be that these witnesses have very, very brief appearances in front of the grand jury,' he said."

"McBurney, however, did not indicate during an afternoon hearing how he would rule on one of the biggest questions laid before him: whether Fulton District Attorney Willis or her entire office should be pulled from at least one portion of the investigation because the DA held a fundraiser for the political opponent of one of probe’s targets, Republican lieutenant governor nominee Burt Jones," said the report. "The judge said the optics of that June fundraiser, for Democrat Charlie Bailey, were “horrific” and could undermine public confidence in the investigation. Yet he pressed Jones’ attorney, William Dillon, about whether there was enough of an actual conflict to justify disqualifying Willis or her office, at least from questioning Jones, who also served as a Trump elector."

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"Holly Pierson, the attorney for the 11 electors, said that forcing her clients to testify before the grand jury — even about basic facts like their names — could put them in harm’s way because they’re targets of the investigation. She also warned about the potential for additional threats against her clients if they’re compelled to 'frog march in front of the cameras,'" said the report. "McBurney said there are ways to keep the electors out of view of the press and urged Pierson and the DA’s office to hammer out a framework for the types of questions that can be asked."

Willis is conducting a broad-reaching investigation into the plot to overturn the election result in Georgia. She is also investigating former President Donald Trump's phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, demanding that he "find" extra votes for him.

The investigation is ramping up, with Willis sending out target letters to GOP officials in the phony electors scheme.