Fake ballot found in Georgia was meant to 'cast doubt on election integrity': report
Mail-in Ballots

Authorities in Georgia said this week that an investigation was underway after a fraudulent ballot was found in Spalding County.

According to WSB-TV, election officials in the county turned the "possibly fake ballot" over to the Secretary of State's office on Wednesday.

"Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne spoke to state elections director Blake Evans, who said officials at the Georgia Secretary of State's office believe someone was trying to cast doubt on election integrity," WSB-TV reported.

Evans said that "one ballot that looked visibly different than the rest of the ballots and that appears to be a fake ballot."

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"They alerted us and we have opened and are conducting an investigation into the matter," the official added.

The ballot was said to be found "in a box where ballots drop after they are scanned into a scanner at the polling place."

Evans argued that the state's security checks worked because the fake ballot was not counted. The report said that the suspicious ballot was not printed on the same security paper as other ballots.

But he warned that the ballot was not likely a one-off because it took too much time and effort to create.

Hours earlier, Vice reported that conservative activists are floating "wild conspiracies" that the election will be stolen with fake ballots.

Clean Elections USA, a conservative group that watches drop boxes, flagged a photo on Truth Social and claimed it showed that "ballot stuffing has already begun in Arizona."

The post and others like it from the group were promoted by former President Donald Trump.