'Jim Crow 2.0': Georgia Democrat breaks down GOP's 'despicable' new voting laws

Democratic Georgia State Rep. Donna McLeod on Friday hammered Republicans in her state for passing new restrictions on voting that include making it illegal to give bottles of water to voters waiting in line.

Appearing on CNN, McLeod slammed Republicans for going out of their way to make voting harder after Democrats in the state won upset victories in both the presidential race and in two Senate races.

"This is Jim Crow 2.0," she said.

CNN host John Berman then recounted some of the new voting restrictions put in place, including the aforementioned ban on giving voters water while they wait in line, along with limits on the number of drop-off boxes for ballots and allowing partisan oversight of local elections boards.

McLeod explained how voters of color in Georgia have already had to put up with long lines, and she said these new laws would make things worse.

"We've endured lines every single election," she said. "This is just going to create more lines because you're not giving people more options to vote. With longer lines, you're going to have people who will probably not want to vote anymore... This is an abomination. This is despicable and disgusting, and it creates more barriers to our voters."

Watch the video below.