Georgia mom would 'give anything' to get back 13-year-old son lost to COVID -- but she still won't get vaccinated

A Georgia paramedic said she'd "give anything" to get back the teenage son she lost to COVID-19, but she's still not willing to be vaccinated.

Jennifer Helm has changed her mind on a statewide mask mandate since losing her 13-year-old son Porter to the coronavirus, which she believes he caught while attending Coosa High School, but she's still wary of the vaccine, reported WGCL-TV.

"There's not enough research," she said.

Helm was notified that her son had come into close contact with at least six people who tested positive at the school, which reported 11 cases within three days, and he tested positive one day after she did late last week.

"Absolutely," said Helm, who now agrees with mandatory masking, "you can't just keep farming these kids around in these schools."

Helm, who remains on oxygen while battling the virus herself, said she's still not convinced the vaccine was safe or effective, but she's haunted by the thought of her son's last moments early Tuesday morning at his father's house.

"He gave him some medicine," Helm said, "and when he went back to check on him, he wasn't breathing."

Helm was still hospitalized with COVID-19 when her sister broke the news about Porter's death.

"It's the most horrible thing I've ever been through," she said. "Oh, my God, buddy, I miss you so much. I'd give anything if you were still here."