Fox News panel erupts after Geraldo calls out right-wing media for 'inciting' Canadian trucker convoys

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera caused a stir on Wednesday when he called out right-wing media for the "incitement" of anti-vax trucker convoys in Canada, which he argued had made lives miserable for ordinary Canadians.

During a debate about the convoys, Rivera's cohosts claimed that the truckers were broadly supported by the Canadian public despite multiple polls showing them to be wildly unpopular.

"You know what is not popular in Canada is this 'Freedom Convoy,'" Rivera argued. "What about the freedom of the homeowners to live in peace? What about the freedom of the shopkeepers to do business? What about the freedom of the autoworkers to get parts?"

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In fact, the polls show Rivera is right.

A recent Angus Reid Institute poll showed "more than two-thirds strongly oppose the protesters' approach and behavior"; a Leger poll showed "nearly two-thirds think the protesters are a selfish minority"; a recent Ipsos poll showed 59 percent agreed with the description of the protesters as "anti-vaxxers and bigots"; and a Maru Public Opinion poll showed 56 percent of respondents saying they don't agree with the protests in "any way, shape or form."

Rivera then went on to slam right-wing media for pushing the protests even though they were backfiring in the court of public opinion.

"It is conservative media that has gone from support to incitement," Rivera charged.

"Incitement!" replied an indignant Greg Gutfeld. "Are you saying we're inciting them?!"

Watch the video below.