Giuliani could 'easily' flip on Trump if legal funding dissipates: legal expert
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A legal expert suggested Thursday Rudy Giuliani could eventually turn on the former president.

NYU law professor Ryan Goodman during an appearance on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” suggested that perceived disloyalty and financial strain could compel the former New York City mayor to flip on Donald Trump.

Goodman’s comments came amid reports Trump was holding a $100,000-per-plate fundraiser for Giuliani’s legal fees at his Mar-a-Lago resort Thursday night.

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“Giuliani is so crucial in all of these cases that Trump is doing this now. Is there a risk of Giuliani I guess for lack of a better word flipping if Trump doesn't help them in this way,” Burnett asked Goodman.

“I could easily imagine so,” Goodman said. “So I would side essentially with what the advisors who are telling Trump you know, ‘if you want to keep him in the fold, you want to keep this person viable financially,’ because if he is going down financially at this burn rate, then he might very well think, just out of a sense of betrayal, ‘even though I didn't ask him directly, he has not given back to me, given how much I've given my life to the former president.’"

“And the second (reason) might just be when these financial bills start to mount like this, you just can't have the legal team that you need in place to fend off an indictment in Georgia that might take four months, and then the judge in Georgia this week said, ‘Well, it might be double that amount of time.’ That's just an enormous financial bill that he has to pay if he's going to put up a strong defense.”

“Have you ever heard anything like this people raising money like this?” Burnett asked.

“No,” Goodman said. “it's also unusual to go up to a billionaire or multi billionaire’s home in order to pay $100,000 when that person is sitting in that room could obviously cut the check.”

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