Trump wants Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz to defend him in Senate impeachment trial: report

On CNN Wednesday, White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins reported that following the new impeachment for incitement of violence at the Capitol, President Donald Trump is hoping for Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz to help defend him in the Senate trial.

"There's no clear legal strategy developed for the president yet," said Collins. "Mitch McConnell said he will wait to hear the legal arguments. It's not clear if he has a legal team put together. He has been telling people, call Alan Dershowitz. We expect Rudy Giuliani to be involved. But that's really all we know so far, which is remarkably different than the last time the president was impeached. The question of what that's going to look like is that the president has been increasingly isolated from his top aides. Still remains to be seen."

Giuliani is a familiar face in Trump's orbit, having helped him concoct the Ukraine plot and pushing his election fraud conspiracy theories in court. Dershowitz, a retired Harvard Law professor and attorney, is a self-described "liberal Democrat" who nonetheless has frequently relied on questionable legal theories to defend Trump from accusations of wrongdoing.

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