Pro-Trump Virginia GOP candidate busted for massive hypocrisy in brutal Lincoln Project ad
YouTube screenshot

In a new ad produced by the conservative anti-Trump Lincoln Project, Virginia's GOP candidate for governor, Glenn Youngkin, is scorched for doing all he can to fight much-needed Covid-19 health protocols in the state's public schools while at the same time sending his kids to out-of-state private institutions -- that mandate masks.

In the ad, Youngkin can be heard claiming " I believe there should not be mask mandates," before the ad's narrator explains, "But when it comes to the safety of his own kids, he sends them to an out-of-state private school, that requires masks, for almost $40,000 a year."

The narrator goes on to add, "That's Glenn Youngkin. He cares about his own kid, but not ours."

Watch below:

Glenn's Mask