GOP lawmaker who refused to wear mask reportedly 'really, really sick' with COVID-19
Photo via Maine GOP website

According to a report from Maine Public, a GOP lawmaker who has been very outspoken about precautions that need to be taken to prevent contracting the COVID-19 novel virus -- and refused to wear a mask during legislative sessions -- has admitted that he is "really, really" sick with COVID now.

State Rep. Chris Johansen, is a Republican legislator from Monticello who, Maine Public reported, "...has been an outspoken opponent of state-mandated coronavirus restrictions and has organized multiple protests. In April 2020, he organized a protest in front of the Blaine House asking Democratic Gov. Janet Mills to reopen the state's economy, as well as downplaying the damage that the spread of COVID-19 would have on communities across the country."

The Bangor Daily News is reporting, "In a recording shared by Mainer News contributor Crash Barry, a man alleged to be Johansen said, "Listen up, I've got COVID and I'm really, really sick and I just don't have time to talk to you today."

Following up on the report, the Daily News attempted to contact that lawmaker and were brushed off by the Republican who replied, "I'm not talking" and then hung up.

The Bangor Daily adds, "The lawmaker's wife, Cindy Johansen, who is the corresponding secretary-officer for the Aroostook County Republicans, shared on social media that she is sick with COVID-19."

You can listen to the recording below: