Marjorie Taylor Green (Erin Scott/Pool/AFP)
Marjorie Taylor Green (Erin Scott/Pool/AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC with host Alex Witt, former Rep. Dave Jolly (R-FL) said the spread of the new variant of COVID-19, and the accompanying deaths, can be laid at the feet of the Republican Party which has not taken the pandemic seriously.

With his home state of Florida being ravaged by the new strain that has ICUs being flooded with critically ill and younger patients who were never vaccinated, Jolly was quick to blame his former party.

After sharing a clip of Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) ranting about having to wear a mask on the House floor, host Witt added, " Let's take note there, David, the other congresspeople behind him there, they all had masks except one, Marjorie Taylor Greene. That said, we've seen this recent switch in narrative from Senate Republicans; they've been strongly urging vaccinations. Are the House GOP actions like this -- does this just cancel out that whole initiative?"

"Sure, it does," Jolly replied. "This is not an order of [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, there's an office of the attending physician, a doctor responsible for the environment of the Congress, the environment of the House of Representatives, that physician has determined given current conditions and the density requirements of the chamber and the House that it is in the public health interests of the Congress to reinstate a mask wearing requirement."

"So what you are seeing by Republicans is a war on public health behavior that they don't like," he continued. "I think you are seeing a tremendous rise of ignorance among House GOP and, frankly, that's being translated through their public policy positions as well."

"I think we are experiencing one of the great failures in American history," he later added.

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