'Mediocre white men': GOP senators trashed by conservative for 'asinine' refusal to vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson
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Reacting to an ABC interview with retiring Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) who claimed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is more than qualified to sit on the Supreme Court but he still won't vote to seat her, a conservative sitting on an MSNBC "The Sunday Show" panel lashed out at the "mediocre white men" in the Senate who oppose her.

After sharing a clip of Blunt stating, "I think she's certainly going to be confirmed. I think it'll be a high point for the country to see her go on the court. But I don't think she's the kind of judge that will really do the kind of work that I think needs to be done by the court. And I won't be supporting her, but I'll be joining others and understanding the importance of this moment," host Jonathan Capehart gave conservative Tara Setmayer first crack at responding.

"Listen, it's absurd," Setmayer exclaimed. "The rationalizations that Republicans are trying to put forth for not supporting this woman are just asinine and they know it. They're digging; they're trying to find something to justify this."

"She is more qualified than the last three Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump nominated," she continued. "Let's be honest: she has more experience as a judge, she has an impeccable record, she was nominated and successfully confirmed three other times. But you're just getting the musings of mediocre white men threatened by the excellence of this Black woman about to make history on the Supreme Court and they just cannot bring themselves to support her and support history."

"It is so transparent," she added. "And every time they open their mouths and qualify that, 'well, you know, we're going to appreciate the moment, but we don't think she's qualified,' it just shows how absurd the Republican Party has become. If anyone deserves bipartisan support, it's Ketanji Brown Jackson."

Watch below:

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