GOP candidate who touted 'back the blue' likely had 'aggressive' incident with police in 2018: report
Don Bolduc

A GOP Senate candidate who has consistently touted law enforcement and the "Back the Blue" movement was likely involved in an angry altercation with police in 2018, a new report said Friday.

According to a report from The Daily Beast, New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc was likely the person involved in a domestic disturbance with police officers in 2018 that required backup to be sent to his home. According to the dispatch log obtained by the Beast, the incident began when Bolduc's wife Sharon called 911 for a medical emergency for a man in his 50s, possibly Bolduc, and said he was reportedly experiencing chest pains and trouble breathing.

When Stratham Police Department officers arrived at the home of Bolduc - a former Army brigadier general - they requested backup, saying that there was a "verbal domestic incident" at the location. The incident report then goes on to say that someone in front of the home became “aggressive towards the police” when backup arrived, and told officers, “I feel like I’m being interrogated in my own driveway.” The rest of the family was reportedly cooperative with police.

The report then said that the person's “demeanor did not change and was still very much on edge," adding “[two people] were having an argument and it escalated." The officers eventually radio in to confirm that no crime had occurred.

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The incident report never specifically mentions Bolduc as the aggressor, due to a number of portions being redacted. However, property records obtained by the Beast show that he was the owner of the house at the time, and that the person who talked about feeling "interrogated in my own driveway" was at Bolduc's address.

A spokesperson for Bolduc's campaign told the Beast that the incident was the result of two brothers fighting over a car accident, though she did not specifically mention the police response.

“Brothers will be brothers and the next morning when the damage to the car was discovered, tensions were high between the boys,” the spokesperson said in the statement. “This incident was resolved between the brothers. Out of an abundance of caution the EMTs were called when the General wasn’t feeling well trying to defuse the situation. Thankfully he was okay and the family enjoyed a lovely Christmas.”

The statement added that Bolduc was "a decorated officer who always treats police with the utmost respect."

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If the person in the report is indeed Bolduc, it would seem to go against his support of the police, something that he has touted heavily as part of his Senate campaign. There is even a picture on his Facebook page of Bolduc posing with an officer from the nearby Salem Police Department.

Bolduc has previously stirred up controversy, as he was one of 124 generals who signed a letter falsely claiming that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election. He later backtracked on this, though, after his primary win.