The GOP is on the way to being a 'fringe party' within 'three or four years': ex-Republican lawmaker
Gage Skidmore.

Sitting in on a panel of Republicans and ex-Republicans on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," former Rep. Susan Molinari (R-NY) said she no longer recognizes the party she still belongs to after three terms in Congress and predicted the GOP is on the verge of becoming a non-entity.

Speaking with host Jonathan Capehart, Molinari expressed disgust at the antics of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and said the GOP leadership is at fault for not booting her or attempting to rein her in.

"I share [ex-RNC head] Michael Steele's disappointment and concern," she began. "I think actually the Republican Party can become the fringe party, the party that we won't recognize in the next three or four years unless some aggressive leadership steps forward. I think it's that serious."

"It's not just Marjorie Taylor Greene," she added. "It's serious. How [House Minority] Leader Kevin McCarthy deals with this will tell us a lot. When we look at the GOP in Arizona, a GOP legislator who just introduced a piece of legislation saying they should be able to overturn electoral results by the legislature. Saying what happened in the Capitol was not really happening. When we look at what's happening in the South Carolina GOP wants to censure -- it's not just Marjorie Taylor Greene, it's a disease flowing through the Republican Party."

"Now, I'm not going to leave the party yet because I want to stand up as long as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger are being brave," she continued. "Me sitting in my living room feels like I owe them time to see that they can re-establish this Republican Party and back them up in any way that I can."

"I'm not sure, and I never thought I would say this, I'm not sure the Republican Party as we know it will be around in a few years," she conceded.

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