Republican circular firing squad in full swing because their attacks on Biden are ineffective
Kevin McCarthy speaking to reporters. (Screenshot/

On Saturday, writing for Business Insider, columnist Eoin Higgins analyzed the fragmenting of the GOP caucus as Republicans fail to come up with a damaging line of attack against President Joe Biden and his agenda.

"Biden, a 78-year-old moderate Democrat, has a job approval rating hovering around 60% of Americans. He's been buoyed by his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a resurgent economy, and a sense — earned or not — from voters that the new president has a firmer hand on the tiller than his chaotic predecessor," wrote Higgins. "The result is a floundering GOP as the right-wing party tries to draw a contrast with a president who isn't nearly as liberal as they try to make it seem. Lacking that contrast, Republicans are lost."

With Republicans unable to either damage Biden or move on from their support of former President Donald Trump, many of them have been reduced to infighting and purges of their own for perceived disloyalty — including the exile of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from the caucus leadership and censure of Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach the former president for his role in the Capitol riot.

"Republicans aren't just fighting each other. They're also going after their own interests," noted Higgins. "Despite the GOP's traditionally close relationship with big business, a right-wing nonprofit is targeting major US corporations over moving to the left on culture war issues. The group, Consumers' Research, is aiming ads at the CEOs of large companies like American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike, for a laundry list of complaints ranging from high executive compensation to questions about product safety to allegations that products are made using forced labor overseas."

"This isn't the behavior of a party with ideas or a plan," wrote Higgins. "It's a sign that the right is flailing and doesn't have a coherent response to the new administration. Republicans have no policies to offer to change anything in the country for the better."

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