House Republicans are 'in a hole and digging' as Democrats watch them flail
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Win McAfee for AFP)

The inability of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to get his leadership team on the same page as they attempt to come up with a budget plan is being greeted with joy by House Democrats and White House officials who are more than willing to watch the GOP infighting go public.

The once-again embattled McCarthy has been sniping at some of his top lieutenants, with Politico reporting that he"...has taken shots at Budget Chair Jodey Arrington (R-TX) as 'incompetent' and chief deputy Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) as 'ineffective,'" with the report adding, "People close to McCarthy tell us that he perceives both men as disloyal (and we know from covering McCarthy for almost a decade that he holds grudges)."

According to Axios, things aren't getting any better, and in fact are getting worse, allowing Democrats to sit back and not have to throw him a lifeline.

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One top Democrat who is observing the House Republican's "dysfunction" told Axios, Republicans are "in a hole and digging ... so why take away their shovels?"

The report adds, "The report has reassured Democrats that the Biden administration's refusal to move forward with talks before McCarthy releases a GOP budget outline is the correct approach."

"A White House official told Axios that Biden's strategy of holding out for a 'clean' debt ceiling increase and only negotiating on the budget once Republicans present a proposal remains unchanged," the Axios report added.