Nihilist GOP now the party of 'fake populism scam': analysis
Donald Trump (Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro for AFP)

Under the influence of Donald Trump, the Republican Party has given up all pretense of caring about governance and making the lives of Americans better because they are too busy appealing to the worst instincts of the Trump MAGA crowd, according to the Daily Beast's David Rothkopf.

In fact, Rothkopf has written an exceedingly blunt-talking column where he asserted that the GOP has become the party of "F*ck You."

Explaining that his New Jersey roots prepared him to see what the GOP has evolved into, he suggested the modern Republican Party is now a "nihilistic, corrupt, fake populist scam."

"The Republican Party has become the party of “F*ck you.” “F*ck you” is the motivation of its alienated voters. It is its legislative strategy. It is its views toward the laws and Constitution of the United States. It is its reaction to morality and values. It is its foreign policy mantra with our allies. “F*ck you” is even its message to the historians of the future," he wrote.

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Mincing no words, he said that the Republican party, well schooled by the former president who is under multiple criminal investigations, isn't interested in working on solutions to what ails the country because they're too busy being combative on every issue no matter how small.

"Sadly, we live in an age in which the political discourse of the United States results in every idea floated by Democrats, independents, and even the elusive “reasonable Republicans,” in which every constructive thought floated about the direction our country should take, or how we should behave, or why the law matters is met by a chorus of Republican leaders with their signature 'F*ck you,'" he wrote before posing the question: "When did all this F*ck-you-osity begin to happen?"

Donald Trump's election in 2016, set it in motion, he explained.

"By the time he was elected, the world had already seen and heard the Access Hollywood tape; they knew Trump had been accused of sex crimes by dozens of women; they knew of his shady business past; they knew he had reached out to our Russian enemies for help; they knew he was a racist; they knew he had no public service experience; they knew he was as despicable a human being as ever sought public office in the U.S." he suggested. "They knew all that and their response was to elect him precisely because he sent a message of “F*ck you” to America."

"The reason so many Republicans wanted to tell the rest of the country to get f*cked was because, of course, they had been f*cked over by the system promoted, manned, defended, and advanced by the leaders of their own party and the donors that backed them," he accused. "The f*ckees elected the f*ckers because they were tired of getting f*cked by them."

He concluded, "What irony. What a scam. What a beauteous way for the GOP fat cats to cackle to each other over brandy and cigars about how well and truly they had f*cked everyone but themselves."

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