'Fight, defend, destroy': Data reveals how GOP's midterm messaging is getting angrier
Marjorie Taylor Greene via Facebook

On Tuesday, Axios reported that Republican messaging ahead of the midterms is getting "angrier" — and that this is quantifiable in data.

"The Republicans' use of action words like 'fight,' 'defend' and 'destroy' in press releases, social media posts, floor statements and newsletters has increased substantially between the 2018 midterm election cycle and 2022, according to data compiled by Quorum," said the report. "The GOP is adopting more polemical rhetoric to both secure renomination of its candidates and to try to end the Democrats' control of Congress and the White House. The language channels the rhetoric of former President Trump."

Specifically, reported Andrew Solender, the types of words being used in Republican speeches and statements are becoming more combative compared to four years ago. "Fighter/fight/fighting" has been used almost 19,000 times in the cycle, up from 8,500 in 2018; "radical" has been used 9,100 times, up from around 500; and "destroy" 3,700 times, up from 800.

Terms like "corrupt," "evil," "betrayed," "angry," "take down," and "blow up," are also becoming more common.

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"Several Republicans who've faced spirited challenges to their right have changed their tone, shifting from playing up their bipartisan credentials to positioning themselves as conservative firebrands, Axios reported last month," noted Solender. In one example, "Rep. Van Taylor (R-Texas) dubbed himself 'Mr. Bipartisan' in 2020 when he had a tough Democratic foe in a swing seat. He shifted to claiming he was 'standing up to the radical left' earlier this cycle as he faced conservative primary challengers in a safe GOP district."

This comes as experts have warned that Republican areas of America are seeing an upsurge of anger and resentment.

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