GOP governor put on the spot over Republicans stripping away unemployment benefits as pandemic continues

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday morning, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) was asked about his Republican colleagues who are stripping away a COVID-related $300 supplement to unemployment benefits in an effort to force employees back to work while the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

Jumping right into it, Tapper began, "Let's go into the news here. A new jobs report this weekend was disappointing showing only 266,000 jobs added in the U.S., a quarter of the 1 million projected -- unemployment ticked slightly up. Your fellow governors in Arkansas and Montana decided to end the $300 extra unemployment in an effort to get Americans back to work. Unemployment is very low in Utah. Do you see the extra funds as a disincentive to work?"

"Unfortunately I think it is a good idea," Cox responded with a grimace before hastily adding, "The purpose of the funds was absolutely critical during the pandemic, as we struggle now, we're towards the end of the pandemic."

"Here in Utah, unemployment at 2.9%. -- lowest in the nation and the biggest problem we have right now in the state of Utah are finding workers for the jobs that are available," he added. "And as we talk to workers, we found it actually is a disincentive. It is a terrible jobs report, not what we expected at all, but that's what happens when we pay people not to work. There are families struggling, we want to help them out, but at some point have to roll that back."

Watch below:

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