Former Trump ambassador profanely attacks 'narcissist' president in score-settling memoir
EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland founded a hotel chain with an outpost in Palm Springs (AFP image)

The former Trump-appointed US ambassador to the European Union is calling out his one-time boss in a score-settling new memoir.

The Guardian reports that Gordon Sondland, who was a key witness at President Donald Trump's first impeachment hearings, calls Trump a "d*ck" and a "narcissist" in a new book called "The Envoy: Mastering the Art of Diplomacy with Trump and the World."

Sondland also says that, while he was thrilled to work for the Trump administration when he began, he quickly came to regret coming on board after he was pulled into a scandal that resulted in Trump's first impeachment.

"[Working for Trump] was like staying at an all-inclusive resort. You’re thrilled when you first arrive, but things start to go downhill fast," he writes. "Quality issues start to show. The people who work the place can be rude and not so bright. Attrition is a huge problem. And eventually, you begin to wonder why you agreed to the deal in the first place."

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Sondland also said that there was nothing wrong with Trump withholding military aid from Ukraine in exchange for it launching a criminal investigation into the Biden family, despite the fact that Trump was tying a foreign ally's national security needs to his domestic political desire to dig up dirt on a prospective opponent.

"Quid pro quos happen all the time," Sondland argues in his book.

The former Trump ambassador also reportedly has some harsh words for former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

"Sondland criticizes Pompeo for firing him over his impeachment testimony and allegedly reneging on a promise to pay his legal fees," writes The Guardian. "Sondland also hits Pompeo for not inviting Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, to Washington but inviting the Russian foreign minister twice."