WATCH: Gov. Greg Abbott practices sounding sincere for mic check ahead of briefing
Greg Abbott at WTTC Global Summit 2016. (World Travel & Tourism Council/Flickr)

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) has spent the better part of the last two weeks being attacked for what Democratic critics call "failed leadership."

Rep. Ted "Cancún" Cruz (R-TX) infuriated his state so much that his approval has fallen 20 percent among Republican voters. There aren't updated polling reports on Abbott, but anger against him grew in the state, the Washington Post reported, even as power was being restored to frigid Texans.

Ahead of another briefing by Abbott, he tested the microphone, but instead of "test, test, one, two, three, four," Abbott practiced "sounding sincere," observed Quorum Report editor Scott Braddock.

Abbott announced at the press briefing that he wants to take "the anger that we all feel" and turn it into action. The Texas legislature will begin investigations into ERCOT, the company that manages the Texas power grid.

Last week, Abbott blamed windmills for the downfall of the power grid, which was proven false, reported the Texas Tribune.

See the moment in the video below: