'The evil in Texas' is Greg Abbott: Uvalde state senator calls out governor over his NRA comments
Greg Abbott (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC with host Alex Witt, State Sen. Roland Gutierrez who represents the district that was home to a mass shooting at an elementary school on Tuesday, hammered Gov. Greg Abbott for not doing anything to limit the availability to purchase high-powered weapons and then having the audacity to speak to an NRA convention just days after the 19 children and two adults were murdered by a gunman.

Noting that Abbott used his speech to lament the "evil" in the world that he blames for mass shootings, Guiterrez begged to differ.

"Last night, a speaker after speaker denounced the massacre," host Witt prompted the lawmaker. "They insisted that any new gun laws are not the answers to prevent future tragedies. Sir, it feels like statistics are indicating otherwise, and the feelings of the vast majority of Americans are simply being ignored. Even right there, it is like the speakers are playing to the crowd in the convention center. They are ignoring the throngs of protesters outside. What is your reaction to their tin ear?"

"I think it is the most disgusting thing coming to a community three days after a massacre like this, they should have canceled," he began. "They refused."

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"Abbott should not have gone, he says 'Well, I didn't go,' well he sure sent us a video in support thereof, right?', he continued "He talking about mental health, talking about evil. The only evil that we have in Texas is that we have a feckless leader. That he has refused to do anything on this issue, even a modicum of gun-sense sense. That is the evil in Texas."

"Governor Abbott was probably pulling a CYA by not attending the convention," host Witt added. "He claimed he was busy doing other things. Perhaps."

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