Montana GOP guv finally returning from vacation after historic floods
Bob Brigham

The state of Montana continues to suffer from devastating floods while the state's GOP governor is vacationing abroad during flood season.

On Monday, the state started experiencing extensive flooding, which was forecast days before.

On Tuesday, as Montana was featured in national news for the flooding, GOP Gov. Greg Gianforte's office released a statement saying he was still vacationing internationally and would not return to America for a "few days."

On Wednesday, long after the rivers in southern Montana crested, Gianforte's office released a second statement about his vacation.

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The governor's office said the vacation during flood season was a "long-scheduled personal trip" with his wife.

They claimed — days after the pinnacle of the catastrophe — he will begin "returning as soon as possible."

The statement did not reveal where the GOP governor was vacationing out of state during the peak of flood season.