Greg Gianforte was vacationing in Tuscany during Montana’s historic floods: report
Montana governor's office.

Montana's flooding disaster continued for the fourth day on Thursday as the state's Republican governor returned from a Tuscany vacation.

"Devastating floodwaters that wiped out miles of roads and hundreds of bridges in Yellowstone National Park and swamped scores of homes in surrounding communities moved downstream Wednesday and threatened to cut off fresh drinking water to residents of Montana’s largest city," the AP reported. "Billings had a just a 24- to 36-hour supply of water and officials asked its 110,000 residents to conserve while expressing optimism that the river would drop quickly enough for the plant to resume operations before the supply ran out. The city also stopped watering parks and boulevards, and its fire department was filling its trucks with water from the Yellowstone River."

Gianforte's office announced on Tuesday, the second day of the flooding, that he would return to Montana in a "few days."

On Wednesday, his office said that his vacation during flood season was a "long-scheduled personal trip."

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Former NBC Montana reporter and Newsy correspondent Maritsa Georgiou reported she "obtained a time-stamped photo that shows he's been in the Tuscany region of Italy."

Gianforte, who was one of the richest members of Congress before being elected governor, flies in his own 10-passenger private plane.

Gianforte's Pilatus Aircraft PC-12/47E has a max range of 1,800 nautical miles and a max cruise speed of 334 miles per hour, according to the company's website.