WATCH: Trump-loving pastor claims ‘anointing oil’ can cure psychological disorders in rant against doctors

Pandemic-inspired attacks on medical professionals are continuing even after coronavirus case, hospitalizations, and fatalities have plummetted in America since omicron became the dominant strain of COVID-19.

That dynamic was on full display on Wednesday even when anti-vaccine Pastor Greg Locke blasted doctors in a sermon.

"Now, I know what your doctor says and I don't care what the news media says," Locke said in video posted to Twitter by Hemant Mehta.

"You know why some of you have demonic activity? You've given them legal authority because you believe the medical diagnosis," Locke argued.

Locke, a prominent Trump supporter who held a literal book burning in February, admitted he is not a doctor.

"Nope, not even a nurse yet. I do have a PHD — 'preach hellfire damnation' every time I can. But I'm going to tell you something, some of you have given the devil legal authority and grounds and rights to your life," said the pastor, who is also not an attorney, "because you believe the medical diagnosis when a doctor looks you in the face and says, 'Well, what you have is bipolar disorder.' What you have is a spirit that needs to be cast out so you can have some peace is what you've got! Multiple personality disorder? It's demonization is what it is, 1,000%. I don't care what the newspaper says."

He then slowed down his rant to imagine a psychiatric hospital.

"I'm talking about a padded party room, people slobbering on themselves, can't feed themselves, messing all over, wetting themselves, moaning screaming, crying," he shouted. "And all they do is keep them doped up on medication and keep them worse. Get them off that medication for about 45 hours and let me and the deliverance team walk up in one of them crazy houses with some Bibles and some anointing oil and I'm telling you we can cast out the spirit of multiple personalities, insanity, madness, the lunatic spirit."

He went on to predict pandemic shutdowns would return before the midterm elections.