REVEALED: Fake Chinese 'embassy' is home to right-wing media and nonprofits manufacturing bogus conspiracy theories
Guo Wengui (Wikipedia)

Pardoned Trump adviser Steve Bannon and fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui — who recently made news for bankrolling the Gettr social media app — are operating a fake "embassy" in New York City, using it to house the offices of various right-wing media organizations and nonprofits, according to the Daily Beast.

The six-story fortress shrouded in bulletproof-glass on East 64th Street is known as a consulate for the "New Federal State of China," or "The Himalaya Embassy." Bannon and Guo lease the building from Argentine billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian, and it was designed by world-famous Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly.

Bannon reportedly maintains an office on the third floor.

"The installation has bewildered neighbors who spoke with The Daily Beast with the flashy characters and occasional motorcades it attracts," researcher William Bredderman wrote in a story published Thursday. "Meanwhile, public records, court documents, and in-person observations reveal that Bannon and Guo have converted the building's residential floors, against code and zoning, into the offices for their network of right-wing media and nonprofits—which have recently gained attention for publishing bogus COVID-19 studies and promoting conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden."

Security at the building recently denied access to both a Daily Beast reporter as well as an inspector from the New York City Department of Buildings.

Sarah Graham, an employee in a nearby office told the outlet, "I see cars pull up sometimes and see people escorted inside, and security parked outside."

A cashier at a store down the street recalled convoys of vehicles carrying on the pretense of a diplomatic mission taking over the block, the Daily Beast reports.

"There'll be four to five cars with some kind of weird flag," said the the woman, who declined to give her name.

"She subsequently identified that flag as the New Federal State of China banner hanging from the purported embassy."

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