REVEALED: Shady Chinese billionaire is bankrolling Trump ally's new social media site GETTR

Infamous former Trump aide Jason Miller appeared Thursday night on Newsmax, where he practically begged his ex-boss to join his new "cancel-free" social media platform, Gettr. As of Friday morning, Trump had not joined Gettr, which quickly became a laughingstock, and Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs has reported that the former president has no plans to do so.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast reports that Gettr was bankrolled by fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, a close associate of pardoned Trump strategist Steve Bannon.

"Guo, a vocal critic of the Chinese government who is wanted in that country on corruption charges, has developed close ties to top Trump allies," the Daily Beast reported. "The billionaire paid former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon at least $1 million dollars, and teamed up with him to promote a Chinese doctor's claims that the coronavirus was created by the Chinese government. When federal authorities arrested Bannon on fraud charges in August 2020, they found him on a yacht owned by Guo."

Politico notes that Guo's media empire, G-TV Media, has also been the subject of investigations by the FBI and SEC.

Miller claims although Guo provided "seed money" for GETTR, he isn't a direct investor in the site, which is backed by "an international consortium of investors."

During his appearance on Newsmax, Miller said: "I will tell you that that 'real Donald Trump' is reserved for the 45th president, my favorite president, so if he does decide to join the platform then we'd love to have him, if he'll be able to come and join. So that is set aside especially."

Watch video of Miller's appearance here.