New Hannity texts revealed -- including one where he admits being 'very worried' one day before Jan. 6: CNN
Fox News host Sean Hannity. (Image via screengrab.)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Lead," correspondent Jamie Gangel detailed the specific requests made in the House January 6 Committee letter to Fox News' Sean Hannity.

"They're asking him for voluntary cooperation," said Gangel. "And it's based on the fact that they say they have a series of texts, multiple texts from him to former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, as well as other members of the White House staff ... they say to Hannity that it indicates that he had, quote, 'Advanced knowledge regarding President Trump's and his legal team's planning for January 6th.' It goes on to say that it appears Hannity was, quote, 'Expressing concerns and providing advice to the president and certain White House staff regarding the planning.' It goes on to say that Sean Hannity, quote, 'Also had relevant communications while the riot was underway, and in the days thereafter,' and that, quote, 'The communications make you a fact witness in our investigation.'"

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"Within the letter, they have released a number of text messages," continued Gangel. "They refer to a text message on January 5th. This would be, obviously, the night before the riot. And they say, 'On January 5th, the night before the violent riot, you sent and received a stream of texts. You wrote, quote, 'I am very worried about the next 48 hours.'' With the counting of the electoral votes scheduled for January 6th at 1:00 p.m., this is now the committee saying to Hannity, why were you concerned about the next 48 hours?"

"I think it gives you a sense of two things," Gangel added. "One is while they say in the letter that they have the utmost respect for the First Amendment, they feel that Sean Hannity has relevant information that does not interfere with the First Amendment, and it's also obvious from their letter that they have, it would seem, dozens if not more email exchanges in this critical period of time."

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Jamie Gangel details January 6 Committee request to Sean Hannity