Bombshell texts show Hannity knew MAGA riots 'were worthy of impeachment': former Pence aide
Fox News host Sean Hannity. (Image via screengrab.)

On Thursday, former Trump Homeland Security adviser Olivia Troye reacted to the new documents released by the House January 6 Committee, revealing that Fox News host Sean Hannity privately told then-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany that Trump could be impeached over the insurrection, had to stop lying about the election, and needed to be kept away from "crazy people."

"We should note that Sean Hannity's show was a major place where these election lies were told. In fact, they're being sued as a result," said anchor Jake Tapper. "And Kayleigh McEnany is one of the biggest election liars that we know. So what's your reaction when you see this conversation, this private conversation?"

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"Well, it's stunning," said Troye, one of several Trump administration alumni speaking out against the former president. "It's stunning to see this full on evidence of these types of conversations that were happening in the lead up to January 6th, but even more so just the fact that they knew the gravity of the situation, they knew the repercussions of the possibility of what would happen and continuing down this narrative and then even more egregious is that now they've doubled down on it. Right? And the problem is, not only does this narrative still exist out there, the Big Lie lives on, it's being used by a people who are seeking public office this year. It's become sort of, the Republican Party's platform is really the Big Lie and you have to support it or you're going to get kicked out."

"I think it is important to get this evidence out there to the American people so that they can see that in the lead up in that situation, with Donald Trump, people knew," added Troye. "People knew that this type of action was worthy of impeachment. It was worthy of the 25th Amendment. That these are actual discussions happening with people like Sean Hannity."

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Olivia Troye calls Sean Hannity January 6 revelations "stunning"