Judge orders Oath Keeper detained — says he 'threatened the very fabric of democracy'

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Edward Vallejo, one of 11 members of the Oath Keepers charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the Captiol insurrection, to remain behind bars pending trial.

Vallejo, 63, is accused of stockpiling weapons and ammunition in a Virginia hotel during the Jan. 6 attack, as part of a "Quick Reaction Force" for the right-wing militia group.

Magistrate Judge John Z. Boyle said during Thursday's hearing in Arizona that, "The conspiracy alleged by the government threatens the very fabric of democracy," according to Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly.

"Judge also said he saw no evidence of remorse, and his incendiary language continued," Reilly reported.

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Prosecutors told the judge that Vallejo had driven across the country with his arsenal and talked about a "declaration of Guerrilla war."

They said Vallejo was "not a man yelling at his TV ... but stored a cache of weapons, readied for deployment," according to CBS News' Scott MacFarlane.

They said Vallejo was prepared to deploy the arsenal at the command of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes.

"Mr. Vallejo is a follower of a dangerous man who is waging war on the US," prosecutors said, according to BuzzFeed News Ken Bensinger. "He said in Signal messages that he would do 'anything' for Stewart Rhodes."

Vallejo's public defender argued that he should be released because he has no criminal record, served in the military, and does not pose a flight risk. The public defender said his asthma would put him at risk of contracting COVID if he remains jailed.

However, Judge Boyle concluded that Vallejo represents "a serious danger."

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