Pro-Trump convention featured 'open bloodlust' as attendees cheered calls to execute political foes

Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer over the weekend attended the so-called Health and Freedom Conference in Oklahoma in which Trump supporters lustily cheered calls to execute political opponents.

In the latest edition of the Daily Beast's Fever Dreams podcast, Sommer described the surreal scene of watching actor Jim Caviezel casually talk about global elites harvesting children's adrenal glands so they could maintain their youthful appearances.

Sommer then explains how notorious Trump-loving attorney Lin Wood also went on a crazed rant about elites torturing children to harvest their chemicals, which culminated in a declaration that all of them should be rounded up and put to the firing squad.

Fellow Daily Beast reporter Asawin Suebsaeng asked Sommer what it was like being in the crowd, which he described as an "openly bloodlusty carnival."

"It's pretty crazy," Sommer said. "There's a sense from these people that QAnon is very real and, most importantly, what they've learned from QAnon is real -- and that's adrenochrome, that's the torturing of children."

Sommer says he also heard two attendees claim that the large shipping vessel that was stuck in the Suez Canal was actually filled with children that Hillary Clinton planned to eat.

Listen to the whole podcast at this link.