Herschel Walker derailed his campaign by demanding attack ads about dog in Warnock TV spots: report
Herschel Walker (Photo via Herschel Walker Facebook page)

On Thursday, Axios reported that former NFL star and Trump-backed Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker tried to pursue an unusual campaign strategy during the summer: attacking a dog prominently featured in his opponent's ads.

"Walker's scandal-plagued Georgia Senate campaign was as chaotic and troubled behind the scenes as it seemed from the outside, according to conversations with nearly a dozen campaign officials," reported Emma Hurt. "'Alvin the Beagle' was a star of Sen. Raphael Warnock's campaign ads, and Walker and his wife, Julie Blanchard Walker, wanted the world to know that Alvin wasn't Warnock's dog. Incredulous staff ultimately complied with crafting a digital ad on the subject to appease them."

Specifically, the ad accused Warnock, who ran ads featuring himself walking Alvin in his original election campaign in 2020, of abandoning the dog after the campaign, complete with a mock "missing" notice for the dog.

"Staffers allege Blanchard Walker — aided by unpaid campaign co-chair Michele Braddock-Beagle — ran a 'shadow campaign' and refused to cede control of key strategy decisions to experienced, paid staff," said the report. "'I don't think any of us has been OK,' one campaign official told Axios. 'It was just an effing roller coaster all the way through.' Staffers said they had incomplete or no warning on the scandals that plagued Walker. Most still don't know what to believe of his many denials."

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Walker's campaign self-destructed in the months immediately before the first round of voting with revelations he had paid for abortions for women he impregnated, often coercing them against their wishes; had multiple secret children and was largely absent from their lives; and the resurfacing of allegations that he was physically violent toward former romantic partners. His own son took to social media to condemn him as a liar.

Ultimately, the race advanced to a runoff, which was held this week. Warnock defeated Walker by close to 3 points.