Herschel Walker: Obama is trying to 'destroy this country' from his 'nice mansion'
Fox News/screen grab

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia lashed out at former President Barack Obama for living in a "nice mansion."

During an interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo asked Walker to respond to Obama's claim that the former running back is not ready to be a U.S. senator.

"How would you answer President Obama?" Bartiromo wondered. "What's your answer to Obama?"

"Well, my answer to Obama [is] he got it wrong when he told us to vote for Joe Biden," Walker replied. "And where has he been all this time? He's been in his nice mansion doing whatever he was doing. And now he's coming down telling us to vote for [Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA)]."

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Walker asserted that Warnock was a "fake" because his church served eviction notices to residents of an apartment building.

"I want to help people and I'm not going to sit back and let someone like Sen. Warnock and let someone like former President Obama or let someone like President Biden destroy Georgia or destroy this country because country means a whole lot more to me than anything," the candidate opined. "What I can do for my country is get Sen. Warnock out of office, get Joe Biden out of office, get President Obama to go back his million-dollar home and sit there and enjoy the freedoms and liberties that America gives him."

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.