'Why put seniors through that?' Chuck Todd corners Rick Scott for plot to cut Social Security
NBC/screen grab

NBC host Chuck Todd called out Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) for playing political games with programs for seniors.

While speaking to Scott on Sunday, Todd noted that the senator has called for making Social Security and Medicare eligible for cuts every five years.

"Why do that?" Todd wondered. "Why put Social Security into sort of the political arena every five years? Why put seniors through that? Why do you think that's a good idea?"

"I have no interest in changing the Medicare program," Scott replied. "I want to make sure we preserve the benefits of Medicare and Social Security. I don't know one Republican who wants to change that. In my plan, I said that we've got to start being honest with the public that — what's our plan? Medicare is going bankrupt; Social Security is going bankrupt."

Scott tried to blame Democrats for cutting Medicare benefits.

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"You're playing a math game," Todd interrupted. "You are playing a math game here, Senator. Senator, you're playing a math game here. You're playing a math game. [Democrats] didn't cut anything on Medicare. It's cost savings having to do with the prescription drug benefit."

"Look, I understand you want to call it something else," the host added.

"If you cut spending on Medicare, it's probably going to impact the ability of somebody to provide things," Scott protested.

"I will remember that when you guys claim a Medicare cut isn't a cut," Todd shot back.

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