‘Stop being a moron’: Staffers reveal the inner turmoil that plagued Herschel Walker’s campaign
Herschel Walker / Travis Air Force Base

Staffers revealed the inner turmoil inside failed Senate candidate Herschel Walker's doomed campaign.

The former NFL star publicly displayed little understanding of the issues or the office he was seeking, but staffers say the situation was even worse behind the scenes, reported NBC News.

“Would you be open to talking to [him] about some of the messaging stuff? I think he listens to you more than any of us,” a staffer wrote to Walker's adult son, Christian. “[Ask him to] stop being a moron on tv. Read your playbook before opening your mouth. We’re just desperate.”

Staffers had been concerned about the stream-of-consciousness videos Walker was posting at 4 a.m., which his son persuaded him to end, and they said the Donald Trump-endorsed candidate was evasive about his personal life and prevented them from contacting four women who had children with him, which later became a campaign issue.

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“I told them about his children BACK IN JANUARY! Months before any story came out about it,” Christian Walker told NBC News by text. “I gave them a head start about all the information I knew.”

Walker assured staffers that Christian's mother, Cindy Grossman would help his campaign, but instead she remained silent and their son says family members asked him not to run, but the former football star and his current wife Julie believed his Heisman Trophy-winning days at the University of Georgia and his charisma would blunt any negatives Democrats could dig up.

“He’s Herschel Walker,” Blanchard told one confidant, who then recounted the comments to NBC News. “He’s the best candidate you’ll ever see.”

Walker's campaign dug up its own "oppo" research on the candidate but didn't find anything about the abortions payments that later rocked his campaign, and three political consultants he contacted hired a law firm to conduct opposition research before he announced -- and they were alarmed by the findings assembled in a 500-page dossier.

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“We found 500 pages in two weeks on you and God only knows what else is out there,” Georgia-based consultant Paul Chambers told Walker, according a source who overheard the conversation.

Those scandals became the focus of Sen. Raphael Warnock's campaign during the runoff period, and he outspent Walker by a nearly 3 to 1 margin, and many Republicans say he deserved to lose.

“What we just established is the absolute floor of the GOP base in Georgia," said Dan McLagan, who worked for GOP primary challenger Gary Black. "This is what you get when you have a candidate who threatened women, stalked them, [paid them] to have abortions, said crazy things and has an adversarial relationship with the English language. Maybe next time, we’ll learn.”